2019 Photo Shoots

October 8 2019

Awaken to the Creative Dream © Pat Haugen

A break in the weather with sun but unfortunately with very short notice only three members came out to experiment with square or 1:1 format in downtown Duncan. Even though we were photographing in a very small area the three of us deemed it a useful expedition to explore something new and get a few creative ideas. Check out Sue’s Member gallery for a few more of her images.

Come Sit Awhile © Sue Williams
Torpedo Toboggan © Terry Jones

September 28, 2019 ~ Wolf Walk

Tundra © Rick Fraser

Thirteen members met at the Nanaimo River Fish Hatchery almost before sun rise. After a brief introduction to Tundra, a twelve year old female wolf from the Swell Wolf Education Centre, who apparently will not stay still and pose perfectly we were off on a leisurely walk through the woods. Tundra is an educational ambassador for the valuable role of wolves in our environment. There were a lot of stops for photo opportunities featuring Tundra but it is an understatement to say the light was challenging. As an extra some members managed to grab a few shots of perfect reflections of fall colours in a still pond in addition to Tundra.

Mrs Tundra © Art Jurisson
Tundra © Erika Nadon
Tundra © Pat Haugen
Tundra Listening © Sue Williams

July 14, 2019 ~ Brits on the Beach

They are All Here © Pat Haugen

Brits on the Beach is one of the largest showings of British cars on the island. Again it was well tended with over 200 British cars, Morgans, MGs, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Jaguars, Minis, Lotus, Triumphs and many more. It is a very difficult event to photograph because of the shear number of cars in a small space at Transfer Beach.

Spirit of Ecstasy © Art Jurisson
Lotus Automobiles on Display © Bill Brown
Green is the Colour © Betty Todd

June 8, 2019 ~ The Classics Car Show

Big Mouth Ford © Sue Williams

This is an annual car show held in midtown Chemainus. The location is not on one of the main streets but a small side street that is crowded with a variety of vehicles. On display were muscle cars, hot rods, vintage vehicles and rat rods. It is a fun display with something for everyone.

The Undertaker © Kirk Bellamy
Chev Detail © Pat Haugen
1930 Ford © Terry Jones

May 5, 2019 ~ Glass on the Grass ~ Victoria Corvettes

Too Shiny © Paul Mahoney

It is May and summer has arrived bringing out the Corvettes to enjoy the hot sunny weather at Transfer Beach. This was an opportunity not to be missed by our club to capture the cars as well as the amazing design details on this shiny collection dating from a 1959 classic to the newest 2019 model.  It was hard to photograph without reflections in the paintwork. Alternatively work with it and just go for the reflections in the paintwork in a detail image. So many possibilities to explore.

Self Portrait © Terry Jones
Watching © Bill Brown
Blue Stingray © Charlie Schaal
Red Vette © Pat Haugen

March 30, 2019 ~ Nanaimo Waterfront Walk

Spill Response Boats © Paul Mahoney

Another perfect day to be out shooting. Two of our newest members plus one late arrival turned up to walk the Nanaimo Waterfront, Maffeo – Sutton Park, Swy-A-Lana Lagoon, and the Boat Basin, on Saturday.  There was a  variety of subjects to photograph from people, pets, landscape, airplanes, boats including the new spill response boats, architecture, sculptures, flowers and birds. It was a great exercise to pick something out from what was on offer.

Grate Detail © Pat Haugen
Swy-A-Lana Bridge © Terry Jones
What Am I? © Barb Brubaker

Cowichan Bay Estuary ~ February 25th

Cowichan Bay Estuary © Barry Elias

Another photo walkabout on a cold sunny day…actually a really, really chilly day with the brisk wind that was whistling through the Cowichan Bay Estuary. Seven brave souls turned up camera in hand and most managed to stay while we were at the estuary. There were a number of bufflehead ducks, a couple of green teals and one large mute swan who posed majestically. Also the water and old pilings add interest to any photograph. Cowichan Bay Village and Docks are a very eclectic place to photograph with a lot of eye candy on display…you just have to spot it which is always good practice.

Himself © Jim Mitchell
Canada’s Finest © Terry Jones
Flying Dog © Sue Williams
East or West © Erika Nadon
Cow Bay © Art Jurisson
Cowichan Bay Illusion © Pat Haugen

Duncan Walkabout ~ February 5th

Ten Old Books and One Young Woman © Barry Elias

Lured by sunshine and bright blue skies, five members braved the promised cold which became a balmy 7 degrees. We were all well rewarded with bright colours, funky buildings, totems and interesting nooks in downtown Duncan. Everyone agreed Duncan is a spot well worth another exploration possibly at night as well as daytime. We all obtained very different photos.

Duncan Walkabout #15 © Jim Mitchell
Wired © Pat Haugen
Duncan Perspective © Terry Jones
Colours of Tuscany in Duncan © Susan Williams