January 26, 2016 ~ Buying/Upgrading a Photo-editing Computer
by Brad Grigor

Buying/Upgrading a Photo-editing Computer (1.5 MB PDF)

November 2015 ~ Naturalist as Photographer by Bruce Whittington

The Naturalist as Photographer – Bruce Whittington

September 2015 ~ Splashworks
by Brian Clemens & Brad Grigor

Splashworks (PDF, 1.6MB)

February 2014 ~ Control the Blur ~ Introduction to Depth of Field by Brad Grigor

Control the Blur – Intro to DoF_web

Question and Answer: Control the Blur ~ Brad Grigor

Control the Blur – Q&A

“Photo Contest Guide to Judging Criteria” by Cim MacDonald

Photo Contest Guide to Judging Criteria

August 27th 2013 ~ “How to Print Like a Pro”  by Brad Grigor

Printing Like A Pro

“Save It, Store It, Share It, Sell It”
Bruce Whittington May 28 2013

Bruce Whittington Save It Store It Share It Sell It Presentation Notes

“Understanding the Tools of Expression” January 22, 2013 by Brian Nicol.

Understanding the Tools of Expression (PDF, 3.06 MB)

“Birds on a Budget” October 23, 2012 by Bruce Whittington.
(Microsoft Word document)

Birds on a Budget – notes, by Bruce Whittington. October 23, 2012

“Getting the Colour Right: An Introduction to Colour Management” February 28, 2012 by Brad Grigor.
Slides (PDF, 723 KB). Notes (PDF, 175 KB).


2014 Program & ABC Challenge

Information Sheets for Monthly Themes and ABC Challenge

LCC 2014 Program – ABC Challenge PDF

David Hobby’s “Lighting 101”

Lighting 101