Diane Wellman

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  1. Greg Salmon says:

    Beautiful photo’s Diane.
    The deck of my house over-looks Nanaimo Estuary, and I love the images you captured there. With the mists rolling in and out, and the changing tides (plus the thousands of birds in residence there), it’s a photographers paradise.

  2. Diane Wellman says:

    Brent, the water buffalo are in Duncan and you can take a tour there in the spring till fall. Great place.

    • Brent Browning says:

      Thanks for the info Diane, will have to go this spring and check them out. I like the shot of yours Alcatraz.

  3. Pat Haugen says:

    Love the colour range in Fall also your take on O’Canada…great spot.

  4. Brent Browning says:

    Sunset at Parksville is a beauty Diane. I really like the shots through the grass, and the leaves in the fall. Were the water buffalo on the island?

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