Bob Belhouse

I invite you to visit for more examples of my work as well as to my YouTube channel to view some videos of Before & After editing examples.


5 Responses to Bob Belhouse

  1. Greg Salmon says:

    Gorgeous photo’s Bob.
    It inspires me to try getting a little more creative with filters.
    I especially love your photo “Serenity”. The clarity is amazing, and it seems to pull you right into the photo.

  2. Brent Browning says:

    Bob you are creating some very beautiful photos, with your artist’s painted look. I recognized Pipers Lagoon right away, have walked that trail many times. Makes me want to make a trip there this week. Thanks Bob.

  3. Bob Belhouse says:

    Thanks, Pat. They are both a rather complex routine I put together to create a watercolor look. Weird thing is that each photo I have tried it on comes out with a totally different result! The “Wild Rose” image above was also done with the same process… that one actually turned out looking the way I expected a watercolor to look.

  4. Pat Haugen says:

    Bob…I really like the effects you have applied to the “Materials Engineers” and also to “Rosie at her Sunny Spot”. Pat

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