A century of the camera: Amazing new digital archive of more than 2million images highlights the best work from the first 100 years of photography ~ Luke Barnes

Stunning images have revealed the amazing work of photographers around the world in era before iPhones and Instagram.

The photos are part of a library of nearly 2.3 million pictures, all compiled by Europeana Photography as part of an ambitious archive project.

They show an array of images from the late 19th to early 20th century, when photography was still in its infancy and cameras were still delicate and extremely bulky.

The archive shows pictures from all over the world including the scenic nature of Yosemite Valley, California, children in Copenhagen and a royal wedding in Bulgaria.

The collection aims to help people, ‘explore remote eras and locations, and better appreciate the value of their continental, national and local cultural heritage.’ 

It also promises additional themes in the coming months as well. At the moment users can browse through ‘Industrial Photography in the Machine Age’ and ‘Vintage Postcards of Southeastern Europe. 

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