6 reasons you should upgrade your lens, not your camera ~ Marcus Hawkins

Should I upgrade my camera body or buy a better lens instead? It’s a classic question photographers ask themselves – or, more likely, post on a photography forum.

In the days of film cameras, the answer was more clear-cut: choose a new lens over a new camera. After all, the camera was essentially a box designed to hold a roll of film.

You could get dramatically different looks and an upgrade in quality by simply changing the film and lens.

With digital cameras, the choice between upgrading the camera or lens is not so easy. Improvements in sensor design – not to mention the choice of sensor size – and high ISO performance, combined with creative in-camera features, advances in video and more have made the choice of camera an integral one.

One thing continues to be true, though: you’ll get better quality pictures from a high-end lens on a low-end camera versus a cheap lens on a pro camera.

Here are 6 suggestions for upgrading your lens before buying a new camera… Read On…

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