The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now ~ Cedar Pasori

Street photography is one of the most interesting yet overlooked genres in imaging. Capturing architecture, people in passing, odd details, and intriguing signage, these photographers are at the top of their game. They’re not limited by using film or digital, shooting black and white or color, or having available light. They photograph their hometowns and their travels, and many make political and social statements while they’re at it.

Our list took into account the legends, but only included the ones who are still producing work. On the same token, we searched for the prolific newcomers who have amassed online followings from their top notch portfolios. They aren’t necessarily ranked, because even within this very specific genre, there’s a great breadth of work to be considered.

These photographers go out into the streets and find incredible places and subjects that have inspired them. It won’t be difficult to take away something amazing from each of them. See Images…

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