Is There Life after Photoshop? ~ Jason Rowe

Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of photography over the last month of so, has been Adobe’s decision to move its Creative Suite software to the Cloud and with it, photographer’s right to “own” the software. Whilst some may argue that you never truly own software, you merely license it, the fact remains that it’s your’s forever, and you can keep using it until it’s obsolete or you upgrade. Adobe have removed that option, opting to “rent” its software to users.

The single biggest issue with this, is that if you stop paying the monthly fee, you no longer have access to the software. Whilst this may not be a major issue for professionals, it does represent a significant, perhaps unjustifiable expense to enthusiasts. In recent years, however, Photoshop has lost its monopoly on image editing software, and these days, for enthusiast photographers, there are a number of viable alternatives. Today we are going to have a brief look at some of the most popular ones.  See:

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