Quick Macro Photography Tips Paul Summers

If you delve into the incredible world of macro photography, with the aid of a few digital photography tricks, you can take photographs of insects that will blow your mind. … http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/quick-macro-photography-tricks/

  • Get up early. Bugs are still cold then and don’t tend to fly off so regularly.
  • Don’t block out the sunlight on the insects.
  • Keep low–as low or even lower than your subject–if at all possible.
  • Locate yourself near a popular plant or flower. Bugs may see you as part of the scenery if you are already there.
  • Look for smaller bugs. Smaller bugs tend to take less notice of you than larger ones.
  • Be patient. If a bug flies off, don’t panic. Give it a little while, and more often than not it will be back.
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