103 Things I’ve Learned About Street Photography

by Eric Kim

  • A good photo asks more questions than provides answers
  • 35mm as a focal length is generally ideal for most street photographers.  28mm is too wide (most people don’t get close enough) and 50mm is too  tight.
  • My keeper ratio : one decent shot a month, one shot I am proud of in a  year.
  • “When in doubt, click.” – Charlie Kirk
  • When in doubt, take a step closer.
  • You will become a better photographer by asking people what they don’t like  about your shots (rather than what they like).
  • A harsh and constructive critique is better than a pat on the back.
  • A good photo critique needs (at least) 4 sentences online. Preferably 8  sentences or more.
  • It isn’t the quantity of social media followers you have that matters,  rather then quality of followed you have that matters.

Read more: http://digital-photography-school.com/103-things-ive-learned-about-street-photography#ixzz2e2ieFJvC

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