Five Self Assignments That Teach You To See

by Rick Berk      These are Great Ideas to Try!!!

In my 20 years in photography, I’ve seen a lot of different assignments teachers  have given their students.  Most I have heard, or been given myself from  time to time, have centered around learning to use the camera.  Things like  “Use Only One Exposure Mode”, “Use Only One Lens”, or “Use One Aperture  Setting”.  The most interesting to me, from a photographic standpoint,  involved learning to see.  The reason I say this is that simple camera use  can be easily learned. It’s basic math when you boil it down.  But learning  to see creatively, learning to compose a shot, takes much more than learning  buttons, dials, and controls.  These self assignments force you to look  around you, to really see what you’re shooting and try to make interesting  images.

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