Google highlights Android photography apps on the Play Store

With all the talk going on today about the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, Google is looking to get the word out and teach Android users how to snap better photos on their smartphones. Today the Google Play Store has an entire section dedicated to Android Photography, and you’ll want to check it out even if it’s just to improve your Instagram and Facebook artwork.

Today Google isn’t just highlighting a few key applications that are available to improve your pictures or teach you better ways to shoot photos, they’re also giving away something for free. Over in Google Play Books, they’re giving away a book called “Android Photography” absolutely free for a limited time. Which we’re hearing has some excellent tips for both smartphone AND tablet users. Who takes photos with their tablet? Seriously.

It’s a 104 page book that focuses on teaching users both the beginning aspects of using and controlling an Android smartphones camera, as well as advanced tips and tricks. It mentions a lot about photosphere too. The read also goes into 3rd party apps that will benefit the user, and help improve your photo skills. Who needs Instagram #filters when you can get a perfect photo the first time?

Then as usual, Google is sharing tons of awesome apps for photography as well. Some of the apps are discounted, others aren’t, but they are worth checking out. They have a few books, but only one is free. The apps showcase tons of different filters, zoom effects, and even a Pro HDR camera app. The latest smartphones like the Galaxy S4 and its 13 megapixel lens could probably benefit from these, so check it out from the links below

SOURCE: Play Store – Thanks for the tip @Simms22

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