For more than forty years Alex Waterhouse-Hayward has been the go-to photographer for the magazines and papers in Vancouver. He has photographed everybody who’s anybody in Vancouver and everyone who came through the city, from the Pope to Elmore Leonard.

Described in a recent Vancouver magazine article as ‘the undisputed dean’ of the city’s photographers, his work has appeared in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Globe and Mail, and the Georgia Straight.

Flowers and women are his personal passions and he brings to them his fine professional eye. His roses have been Canadian stamps and his photographs of women are literary and erotic, inspired by Balthus, Courbet and Hopper.

At 70, Alex is still photographing at an intense rate: celebrities: Jim Erickson with his Oscar, Attila Lukacs and Werner Herzog, women: burlesque dancers and a dominatrix, flowers: his cherished roses and hostas, and his grand-daughters. He is still working primarily in film and printing himself using both historic and groundbreaking techniques, on the last sheets of photographic papers no longer made.

The exhibition highlights the astounding breadth and depth of Alex’s life in photography and traverses the axes of his long career and sustained obsessions: famous and familiar personalities, the beauty of the female form and the perfection of flowers. His website contains many of his images.

Exhibition: May 4 – May 30 at the Duthie Gallery, 125 Churchill Rd. Salt Spring Island    250-537-9606 Hours: Friday – Monday 10am – 5pm

Opening Reception with artist May 4th, 5 – 7 pm




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