Understanding the Tools of Expression

Last Tuesday, January 22, Brian Nicol was our guest speaker at the Ladysmith Camera Club. Brian’s presentation highlighted several of his own images and the workflow he used to take the images from “happy snaps” to “fine art photography”.

In particular, Brian explained the importance of the histogram and how to use it to understand and control the tonal range of an image. Brian also explained several of his personal favourite techniques, such as darkening any high key areas at the edges of an image to create depth and to keep the viewers eye inside the image. While doing this, and to avoid nasty posterization (banding), Brian makes a strong case to always shoot in RAW if your camera has that capability.

Brian has kindly agreed to let us post his presentation on the website. So in case you were unable to attend the meeting, or you didn’t get detailed notes on all of Brian’s techniques, the slides (Adobe PDF) are available to download from our Downloads page or here:

Understanding the Tools of Expression (PDF, 3.06 MB)


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