Theme Shoot for January

Start 2013 with three resolves…have fun, take more photos and submit for others to view. The theme for January will be Christmas decorations and lights.  The final day to send in your pictures is Friday January 18th.

To submit photos for the Theme shoot and Open categories, send your photos as email attachments to:

The new screen is installed, and images are projected much larger now. Please check and make sure that your photos are a minimum size of 1920 pixels width and 1080 pixels in height. (These sizes are determined by the projector.) Also make sure your images are named as follows:

For the Theme Category: PictureTitle-YourName-Theme.jpg

For the Open Category: PictureTitle-YourName-Open.jpg.

The easiest way to do this is to right click on the photo and select ‘rename’ in the drop down menu. Thank you, it helps

A side note: the Ladysmith Light Up Committee is always looking for pictures. If you were taking pictures of the Light Up, please send them to the Committee. The Light Up

Committee’s e-mail address is

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